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A slight miscaculation

Have you ever looked around at a room, rolled up your sleeves, and said "Pfft, I can clean this bitch in an hour, easy!" only to look around three hours later and realize you aren't even half finished?

This has been my day. I believe I shall throw in the towel for now and resume tomorrow.

ALSO KORRA. I know I frothed over raved about it in my last post, but is anyone watching this show? I feel like if I don't get this squee out, I will IMPLODE.

Bolin is my favorite character so far in a sea of amazing characters. He's just so adorable I can't even handle it, and while I'm not sailing any particular ships just yet, I kind of almost ship Korra/Bolin just because he has the biggest crush on her and I don't want him to be sad. D:

Have some cute Bolin and Pabu art I found of the interwebs!

Korra bending

Hellooooo, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I'm beginning to think it's a cycle for me. Every year or two I must drop off the face of the planet for a handful of months for no explicable reason. But as always, I HAVE RETURNED.

No major life events to report, unless you count the fact that the college axed the course I was going to take. It's all still available as individual online classes, which means I can still learn the material, but I won't be getting a diploma out of it and that sucks. Part of the reason I wanted the paper was so that I'd have the opportunity to move on to university at some point in the future, but it looks like that isn't going to happen.

It's not the end of the world since I'm shooting to write books for a living, but I don't like losing my backup plan. It makes me... itchy. And frowny.

Speaking of writing books, the rough draft for my novel is looking to wrap up around July at my current pace. That'll give me five months for revision and polish before I send it off into the big, wide world. First books rarely sell, and I don't expect much to come of it beyond (valuable!) experience, but just knowing that I'm finally moving in the right direction is a wonderful feeling. :D

I've also been considering downloading Rosetta Stone and getting a move on with the Japanese like I've been meaning to for years. If anyone's used the program before, I'd love to know what you think. $399 is a pretty heavy investment in software I'm not sure of.

On the fannish front, I've been watching Game of Thrones like it's my job (although, seriously. One episode without nudity, HBO. That's all I ask. Just one. Do you guys have a quota or something?). I've also been reading the books, so I pretty much know what's going to happen (like the end of episode 4, HOO BOY), but that doesn't make it any less awesome.



toph can kill you with her brain

So much cooking!

Been cooking since 10:30, and I'm already pooped! Made deviled eggs, pasta salad, fried up a package of bacon (some for the eggs, most for the green bean casserole) so I don't have to deal with it later, and prepped the turkey.

Also fell down the stairs, but I'm okay! Just wrenched my arm and bruised my rump a bit. XD

Gonna chuck the turkey in the oven here shortly, and then run out to the bank, grab a coffee, and get back in time to start peeling the potatoes and sweet potatoes (because CERTAIN PEOPLE in the house are picky about the skins). @_@ Thanksgiving is always a scramble, but luckily I'm more organized this year than usual, so that helps.

But delicious noms are always worth it!
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I'm Baaaaack!

Heya folks! I'm officially back from vacation! I've been back since Friday, but I was taking that time to recover, avoid my flooded email, and gorge on halloween candy.

The trip, for those of you who are wondering, was friggen awesome. Vegas was fabulous, and I would go again for the sole purpose of watching Cirque du Soleil until my eyes bleed. Alex wasn't quite so enchanted, and after getting thoroughly robbed by slot machines, was disinclined to go anywhere near gambling. Which meant that I didn't get a change to gamble what I'd budgeted for, because I didn't want to hang out by myself. *sadface*

Alcatraz was neat, and I wish we'd had more time in San Francisco to explore. It seemed like a really neat city, and it was kinda cool how the neighborhoods changed from practically block to block. Less neat when we wound up in the 'Oh shit we're gonna get mugged, oh shit" section in the middle of the night while on a quest for food, but we escaped unscathed! I was also shocked at how many girls I saw in that area wandering around alone. San Francisco girls are fierce! And likely armed with pepper spray!

We had an interesting encounter with a lady whom I suspect was on something at the movie theater. Having arrived two hours before any interesting movie was going to play, we were sitting around deciding how to kill the time. Then out of nowhere, a young lady sitting a ways off shouted, "You look like a bunch of bullies!" (Which I thought was rather impressive, since I think we look like a bunch of geeks, personally.) She then proceeded to get strangely confrontational when we were understandably bewildered by this accusation, and went on to say several things I did not catch. Something about 'ten years ago' and 'drugs'. There was lots of hand waving and shoutiness, and we decided it might be prudent to come back later. XD

Driving through the Rockies, I have decided that I want to live in the mountains forever. Driving through the blizzard on the way back and almost getting pancaked by a semi, I decided that I only wanted to live in the mountains forever if I worked from home, or did not have to work and could safely hibernate for six months.

Blizzcon was cool! Got lots of neat goodies, got to play some pre-release games, was rocking awesome butterfly facepaint of awesome. One of our friends dropped $700 on a sword, because he is insane.

Discovered there was nothing in Utah but four hundred miles of nothing and a Subway, a gas station, and a Burger King. It had a great many billboards amidst the nothing, proclaiming things like 'Experience Utah!'. I do not think their marketing firm has ever been to Utah, and as such, is strangely optimistic about rocks. Or Subway.

Picked up Game of Thrones on the way home, because I couldn't find a bookstore, and Walmart carries the above, Twilight, and Harry Potter. Was pleasantly surprised! I knew there must be a reason everyone kept going on about those books.

So yes, all in all, vacation was awesome, but I'm glad to be home. That much time on the road is pretty exhausting.

NaNoWriMo kicked off today, and if you're interested in following my progress or reading excerpts, you can do so at my writing journal. You can find today's post here.

Hope everyone's been doing well in my absence! <3
toph can kill you with her brain


The road trip of awesome begins tomorrow, and I've been running around like a crazy person doing laundry, packing, and all that good pre-trip stuff. I also spent hours printing out confirmations, making last minute reservations, buying tickets, and planning our route, because the three boys coming with are hopeless and helpless. Without me, they'd probably wind up in a prison in Mexico, with no idea how they got there.

Probably won't be hearing from me much (or at all) for the next three weeks. It sort of depends on how much free wifi we find versus how exhausted I am when we stop for the night.

Las Vegaaaaaas! It's going to be awesome. :D
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Piandao eyebrow


- Two nights sharing a hotel room with my inlaws.

- A whole day having to deal with Alex's family, where the dislike is mutual all around.

- A funeral (which I find morbid under the best of circumstances).

- In a town that smells funny.

- And I feel like crap.

The next three days are going to be like a recipe for my personal hell.
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I'm having one of those days where I want to do something, but nothing seems interesting. Don't you hate it when that happens?
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