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The Wayward Muse
Life, writing, and general stupidity
Fanfiction: And Baby Makes Three (FMA) 
Title: And Baby Makes Three
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairings: Roy/Ed
Words: 529
Warnings: Mpreg, swearing
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Spoilers: Nope.

Summary: The baby interrupts bickering parents.

Notes: Ah, the mpreg I said I'd never write. After wracking my brains for an idea and coming up dry, I figured a snapshot drabble was the best I could do. Requested by lina_kun on my Prompt Me! thread. Un-beta'd.

::And Baby Makes Three::

Roy glanced up from his book when Ed settled on the couch slowly, flesh hand resting over the growing bump in his midsection. “My back hurts,” he complained loudly.

Roy hid a smile behind his book. “I would imagine so.”

Ed didn’t reply, and after a long silence, Roy looked up again to find the small blond staring at him.“Did you just call me fat?” he demanded.

Ah. It was going to one of those days, then. Roy sighed. “I said no such thing, Ed.”

Edward jabbed an accusing finger at him. “You didn’t say it, but you insinuated it.” He scowled and looked pointedly away. “You think I’m fat!”

“You’re pregnant Ed, not fat.” Roy set his book down on the table. Ed was almost as sensitive about his growing belly as he was about his height. Of course, Roy conceded, pregnancy was hardly a normal state of being for a man. “There’s a very big difference.”

He snorted. “That’s just a--oh.” Ed started, wide-eyed, and the hand on his stomach twitched.

“Ed, what’s wrong?” Roy sat up straight, concerned. “Are you okay?”

A long moment passed, and then Ed shook his head slowly.“I’m fine, I’m fine. He moved, and it just surprised me.”

It took Roy a second to realize that Ed was talking about the baby. They didn’t know the gender, but Ed insisted the baby was a boy and Roy found no harm in humoring him. It took a moment for Ed’s words to sink in, and he blinked. “He moved? Are you sure? I thought the doctor said that wouldn’t start for another few weeks.”

Ed rolled his eyes. “I’m sure, Roy. After all, he’s only in my body-- Agh!” Roy was out of his chair before Ed could finish, slipping hands up under the younger man’s shirt giddily. He couldn’t believe the baby was kicking already! Ed squeaked at the contact, writhing slightly. “Cold! What did you do, dip your hands in ice? Shit.”

Roy ignored him, intently focused on the flesh beneath his hands. “I don’t feel anything,” he said, disappointed.

“That’s because he isn’t moving now.” Roy gave Ed a pitiful look, and Edward softened slightly. “Don’t give me that look, I’m sure he’ll start doing it all the time soon. Gracia told me that Elysia did nothing but somersaults after-- Hey! There he went again, did you feel it?”

Roy thought he felt something, but he couldn’t be sure. “I think so, but that could just have been your stomach growling.”

“Fuck you.”

Roy grinned up at his lover. “I think that’s what got you into this position in the first place.”

The comment earned him a soft smack upside the head. “Oh, shut up you ass.”

Roy slid his hands out from under Edward’s shirt and wrapped his arms around his waist instead, resting his head on his lover’s belly. He had never really given much thought to the idea of a family, but he wouldn’t trade what he had now for anything in the world. “I love you, Ed.”

A gentle hand touched his head, fingers threading though his hair. “I love you too.”
01.29.08 (UTC)

It's cute :3

01.29.08 (UTC)
*squees* It's wonderful. I wish my Roy and Ed would behave so nicely. ^^; *huggleglompsquish* Thanks!
01.31.08 (UTC)
You know, I think the big reason I love Roy/Ed so much is the verbal sparring between these two. Captured perfectly in this...great job!
01.31.08 (UTC)
Oh, me too. In fact, now that I think about it, a lot of my favorite pairings in various fandoms tend to have antagonistic relationships. Roy/Ed, Kurogane/Fai, Harry/Draco and so on. XD

Not to mention it's just so fun to write. Honestly, the whole thing was written simply so I had somewhere to put this bit:

“Fuck you.”

Roy grinned up at his lover. “I think that’s what got you into this position in the first place.”

03.30.18 (UTC)
I love Roy/Ed Mpreg so much... do you have more of this in you Lj?
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