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The Wayward Muse
Life, writing, and general stupidity
Lolcat meme 
This is SO TRUE.

Your result for The Which Lolcat Are You? Test...

Sad Cookie Cat

54% Affectionate, 45% Excitable, 64% Hungry

You are the classic Shakespearian tragedy of the lolcat universe. The sad story of a baking a cookie, succumbing to gluttony, and in turn consuming the very cookie that was to be offered. Bad grammar ensues.

To see all possible results, checka dis.

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06.22.08 (UTC)
daaaaw! You eated mai cookies?

lol - I'm the lion warning cat. ^^
06.22.08 (UTC)
I sorry! I couldn't help it! I like cookies.

Hehe, my husband was ceiling cat. XD
06.22.08 (UTC)
*snerks at the 'invisible buttsex' option* XDD

I am Longcat! :o
06.22.08 (UTC)
I may have chosen that one. >.>

All hail Longcat! o.o
06.22.08 (UTC)
Same. XD

06.22.08 (UTC)
You eated cookies? Oh noes!

Lol...that one is great. That has to be one of the saddest faces ever.

(sorry, deleted my original comment...formatting issue)
06.23.08 (UTC)
Your result for The Which Lolcat Are You? Test ...

Cheezburger cat
73% Affectionate, 55% Excitable, 56% Hungry

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