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I wrote 3,200 words yesterday in one hour and forty five minutes of writing time. I've finally, finally figured out a way to write so much without having to lose the whole day to it! *dances* The trick?

Word wars.

I've done a word war once before yesterday, and I did get quite a bit written, but I didn't realize how wonderful these things are. Over on Gaia they've got a SuWriMo thing running, which is along the same lines as NaNoWriMo, but you get three months and you get to choose your own goal. I didn't discover it until they other day, but when I joined, I noticed they had a 15 minute word war thread going on the forums. The point being to pound out as many words in a 15 minute span as possible.

So, yesterday, I sat down with my laptop and my book, and participated in a word war every half an hour. Essentially I wrote for fifteen minutes, and then read for fifteen minutes. Wrote for fifteen minutes, read for fifteen, etc. I was writing between 400-550 words per session. Most of the time I was competing against myself, and I can't believe how much I got done!

It'll require a bit more editing than usual, what with the masses of typos and the writing down of whatever came to mind. Not much more though, and editing is a much faster process than writing is.

I recommend word wars to every writer on my f-list. They are amazing. I will happily do them with you if you'd like, just ask for my AIM or MSN.

Word wars, I'm telling you. *happy*
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