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The Wayward Muse
Life, writing, and general stupidity
Fanfiction: Shatter (Tiger & Bunny) 
Tiger sadface
Title: Shatter
Series: Tiger & Bunny
Characters:: Kotetsu
Words: 475
Warnings: ANGST. Highlight for spoilers: Character death. Did I mention angst?
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete
Spoilers: Episode 16

Summary: Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

Notes: Written for the prompt: Tiger didn't land in the dumpster here


Kotetsu is falling.


Time slows to a crawl, the pitted brick of the building sliding past by inches, and Kotetsu can’t help but wonder why. His face hurts, but not half as much as his pride.

Useless old man.

The beating of his heart is thick and slow in his ears, wind tugging at hair and clothes like he’s falling through molasses. Kotetsu blinks up at a sky that seems both too bright and too dark.

Should have retired while you had the chance.

He hears Barnaby’s voice, like he’s talking through a tin can and a megaphone all at once. The sharp edge of hope twists in his gut and closes his throat, and Kotetsu turns his head towards the voice, slow, slow. He watches a slice of pink ear, pale skin, and a curl of blond hair a story tall drift past. Hope dies as quickly as it comes, and hurts twice as much.


He’s been falling for moments, falling for hours, nothing but sky and the relentless parade of every mistake he’s ever made, flickering behind his eyes like an old movie.

A failure as a hero.

Kotetsu sees the face of every person he couldn’t save; hollow sockets staring in silent accusation, the macabre procession a testament to his weakness. Not fast enough, not strong enough. Never enough. Kotetsu meets his wife’s empty eyes and knows that even if she forgives him, he can never forgive himself.

A failure as a father.

Every broken promise, every missed chance piled pitifully high, a teetering monument to his failure to reconcile Kotetsu the father with Kotetsu the hero. Kaede is his everything; what makes him get out of bed day after day. His little girl is his light, his life, and if Kotetsu had to name his greatest regret among thousands, his greatest failure, it would be that he never made sure she knew that.

A failure as a partner.

Bunny was counting on him, and Kotetsu couldn't even be the partner he deserved anymore. If he'd trusted Barnaby with the truth of his declining powers instead of letting fear and shame win the day, he might not even be in this mess. It always comes down to trust between them, and Kotetsu hadn't trusted enough.

You're a fool, old man.




With a strange sort of popping pressure, time suddenly catches up with him, the sky spinning and wind shrieking past his ears.

Kotetsu is falling, but there are no arms to catch him.

I'm sorry.

He slams into unyielding ground with the sickening crunch of a thousand breaking bones. Agony blooms hot and white behind his eyes, and then Kotetsu thinks nothing at all.
07.19.11 (UTC)
;A; I think my icon says everything I'm feeling right now.

I read the fill on the Kink meme and it made burst into tears...It still makes me sob..../goes to the corner and sobs her little heart out
07.19.11 (UTC)
That's... well. It's not good that it made you cry, but it was supposed to be sad, so I guess it's appropriate? I never know how to reply to comments on angst fics. XD

It didn't really happen though, so it's all good! d(' 'd)
07.19.11 (UTC)
oh my. ;_;
astounding! I love the timing here...like, the falling scene being a few seconds and this fic reading lasting only a few seconds as well.
07.19.11 (UTC)
Thanks so much! I was initially planning something much longer, with the immediate aftermath and the reactions of various characters. Then I finished, and realized it stood pretty damn well on its own.
07.19.11 (UTC)

Poor Kotetsu.
07.19.11 (UTC)
Why do I enjoy dark Kotetsu fic so much, I don't even. ;_;
07.19.11 (UTC)
This really breaks my heart.Not a good way to die!
07.19.11 (UTC)
No, not a good way to go at all! If this was how the episode had actually ended, I probably would have cried in a corner for a week. ;_;
07.19.11 (UTC)
Heartbroken. :(
But thank you!
07.19.11 (UTC)
If Kotetsu doesn't get a happy ending in the show, I'll feel guilty about writing this forever. ;_;
07.20.11 (UTC)
I`ll write angry letters to the unhappily ended`s sponsors!!
06.09.12 (UTC)

I think I just died too.

Wonderfully written. (Awfully sad, though...)
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