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Fic: We Should Get Married! (Legend of Korra)

Title: We Should Get Married!
Series: Legend of Korra
Characters: Ikki, Korra
Words: 358
Warnings: Silliness
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Spoilers: None

Summary: Ikki decides she wants to marry Korra.

Notes: Minifill for the prompt Ikki develops a little-girl crush on Korra at ficbending.

::We Should Get Married!::

"We should get married!"

Korra had gotten used to little airbenders popping out at her from seemingly nowhere, so she managed to neatly sidestep Ikki instead of mowing her down. "Uh huh," she said absently, moving two more steps through the form before the words caught up to her. "Wait, what?"

"We should get married!" she repeated cheerfully.

"Who should get married?" Korra asked, because while she'd gotten used to dodging little airbenders, decoding their crazy was something else entirely.

"We should!"

"We should?"

"Yep!" Ikki chirped, which explained exactly nothing, and latched on to Korra's arm.

"Why?" Korra prompted.

Ikki took a deep breath. "Because you're pretty and you're tall and you have nice hair and blue eyes and I love blue eyes and you're super strong and totally awesome and daddy says that people should marry whoever they want and we could have lots of Avatar babies and Jinora says—"

"Whoa, slow down," Korra interjected, derailing Ikki's stream of chatter before she really managed to get going. "You want to marry me?" Which was maybe not the part she should be focused on, but hell if Korra was going to be the one to explain to Ikki why they could not have lots of Avatar babies.

"Uh huh," Ikki nodded vigorously. "You're the best!"

Ikki had a crush on her. Korra couldn't decide if she was flattered, amused, or mortified. Crouching down so she and Ikki were on the same level, she said, "You can't get married until you're older." Ikki's expression just crumpled, and Korra hurried to add, "But I'll make you a deal, okay?"

"A deal?"

"If you still want to marry me when you're old enough, we'll talk about it." Korra figured the offer couldn't hurt; chances were pretty good Ikki would completely forget her little crush by next week anyway.



Ikki's face lit up like the sun, and she was off like a shot, yelling, "MOOOOOOOOM! KORRA AND I ARE GETTING MARRIED WHEN I'M OLLLLLLLLD."
Tags: ikki, korra, legend of korra
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